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Testimonial by Rebecca Rollins of Rebecca & Chris Rollins

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Name: Rebecca Rollins
Business Name: Rebecca & Chris Rollins
Client Since: 2011
Description of Product or Service Endorsing: Divorce Mediation

Rebecca Rollins says...

My husband and I have been separated for more than 2 ½ years now. For the majority of that time, we have, unfortunately, been struggling through a messy divorce and custody battle. Living in different states compunded our already difficult circumstances. Our experience with the court process has been far less than optimal. In short, it's been a ridiculously long and expensive ordeal that has left us in a confused, unresolved, frustrated state.

When we finally relented to seeking an alternative, we were over-joyed to sit down with Mrs. Lori Grover, and have her assist us in communicating with one another rather than arguing. Her level of intelligence was immediately apparent, her genuine concern for our final goal was clear, and her empathy to our situation allowed us both to feel very comfortable. After laying down the “ground rules”, my husband and I were finally able to speak to one another respectly--for the first time in years. It was an emotional experience that helped us recognize where we really need to focus our efforts—on our children. We had wanted that all along, but being caught up in the legalistic “hoop-jumping”, we had lost almost all control over the final outcome.

Now that we're making an enormous amount of progress with Lori, we have seen how important mediation--outside the judicial walls—is in any legal conflict. I must emphasize the critical difference between in-court mediation and outside mediation. Our numerous experiences with court appointed mediators left a very bad taste on our palettes. We were listened to, but not heard. There was no working with us to come to a resolution...just an immediate decision based on their opinions of our brief statements. We were just another couple going through a divorce, opposing one another, wanting different things. Lori took into consideration every unique component that we laid on the table. Her ability to listen deeply and then “grasp” a multi-faceted situation such as our own, has most definitely set her apart from others in her field. She is organized and centered, peaceful and fair.

My recommendation--for all who are facing, or are in the midst of a painful experience--would be to chat with Mrs. Grover before you make one more move...could one conversation change your life? It did for our family! ...and we are eternally grateful :)

Rebecca Rollins

Rebecca Rollins
Rebecca & Chris Rollins

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