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Long-Term and Post Acute Care Software

Date of Incorporation and Type?:
1998; LLC

Summary Description of Business:
LINTECH, LLC is an established enterprise software company focusing on long-term and post-acute healthcare (LTPAC), including nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, assisted living facilities, chronic care facilities. The Delaware LLC was established in 1998. Its COMET software system had been sold to the long-term care (LTC) industry since the late 1980’s.

Why LINTECH? Because we are fully committed to provide long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations with the best value for their IT needs, through integrated and comprehensive software-based solutions and related services that will allow them to provide better quality-of-care in a cost-effective manner.

We achieve this by true breadth and depth of our robust applications, which are truly flexible and configurable so they can adeptly respond to your specific needs, all enhanced by true partnership through our superb support and excellent customer service.

Our COMET™ system not only gathers data and presents it to you like many other LTPAC HIT systems, but it actually turns dispersed data items into cohesive and meaningful information allowing for analysis, conclusions and decisions, and - in many cases - transforms into actionable items which already activate necessary processes.

We offer all of that while striving to be at the forefront of technology, with multiple choices of hosting options and pricing models – and all for very competitive terms. Did we already say that LINTECH offers the best value for your IT needs? We have no problem saying it again – because that’s a fact.

Other companies/partners/affiliates that back you?:
IdenTrust (
Prescribers Connection (

Tell us about your greatest achievements:
The first user of our COMET system started using it in 1987, and is still our client to date.

What types of customers do you market to?:

Services Offered:
EMR, electronic medical records, EHR, electronic health records, resident account, patient accounts, ADT, billing, MDS, financial, trust funds, care plans, care assessments, accounts payable, accounts receivable,

Countries Serviced:
USA, Canada

States Serviced:

Counties Serviced:

Cities Serviced:

Zip Codes Serviced:

Annual Sales Volume (Range):

Location Type:
Corporate HQ

Number of Employees:

Years in Business?:

Private or Public?:

Anything else (i.e books you've written, products you've launched or helped launch, etc...):
COMET software system

Common Brand or Business Name Variations:
LINTECH, Lintech, COMET, Comet, iCOMET, iComet, LINTECH LLC, Lintech LLC

Common Tags and Keywords:
nursing home software, LTC software, long term care software, SNF software, skilled nursing facility software, LTPAC software, long term and post acute care software, nursing home EMR, LTC EMR, long term care EMR, SNF EMR, skilled nursing facility EMR, LTPAC EMR, long term and post acute care EMR, nursing home EHR, LTC EHR, long term care EHR, SNF EHR, skilled nursing facility EHR, LTPAC EHR, long term and post acute care EHR, LTC electronic medical records, LTC electronic health records, MDS software