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Testimonial by Jerene Murphy of Quik Park New York

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Name: Jerene Murphy
Business Name: Quik Park New York (www.QuikParkGarages.Com)
Client Since: 2007
Description of Product or Service Endorsing: The copy writing for my new web site

Jerene Murphy says...

I can't remember who recommended Jill, but it was the luckiest day of my life. I am in the parking industry, and although I maybe able to park any car in the closest of areas within 30 seconds, vocabulary elludes me. I voluntereed to develop a Web site, How difficult could it be - you hire web site people and poof it's done - well I learned quite quickly that is not the case, there are pages and pages of writing that have to accompany everything in the Web site - After a major panic attack - I was told about Jill, she became my savior I just need to tell her the smallest detail and she wrote beautiful diologue. Actually made me and my Web site look wonderful.
I honestly could not have done it without her. She is truly an educated and talented person who knows her stuff!!! Thanks Jill, Jerene

Jerene Murphy

Jerene Murphy
Quik Park New York

Visit This Member's Website: http://www.jsacreative.com